Craft & Home Sale Extended Due To Weather

Look who’s getting sun on Tuesday! So even though we were open for a bit today, we’re going to be open on Tuesday to extend the Craft & Home Sale to anyone not able to make it in this past weekend. And of course to open up the Crafty Challenge Giveaway to more people. Come see us on Tuesday outside of our normal business hours to shop the sale…and stay tuned for the final date of the sale.


Update: Sale craft items will be taken out of the store on Sunday, Feb 10th. That gives anyone anxious to still enter the Crafty Giveaway Challenge an entire week to finish a project and submit by midnight.



Published by thewaypost

We are not a gift shop, however we have unique, artistic, and quirky gifts for the people in your life that are hard to buy for. You'll never feel the need to explain yourself when you can let the gift of randomness do the talking for you! We pride ourselves in having stylish, interesting, and fun selections from art to vintage to locally made goods.

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